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The adventurous individuals, kayaking is one of the most popular sporting activities that have evolved in recent times. Kayaking not only gives you enjoyment as a sport but also is exciting and adventurous. For the less adventurous ones, kayaking is also equally interesting. Boating on the kayak or simply fishing on the kayak is also held in high esteem by the less sporty individuals. Whatever may be your preference for kayaking, it is essential to know about the kayak categories in order to know the best kayak to suit your need. 

Many individuals compare kayaking to driving a racing car. Different gears and equipments are used by individuals for the purpose of kayaking. Kayaking involves a small boat, a covered kind of canoe and double bladed paddle to move your boat through fast flowing rivers of creeks. This activity is not for the faint hearted individuals as it requires great strength and courage to move in a fast flowing river.
Roto molded kayaks which were introduced in the 1970's were the pioneers in the making of various kinds of kayaks suiting the needs of various individuals. Since then there has been an explosion in the styles of kayaks. Here are some categories.

River/white-water kayaks
The river or the white-water kayak are small boats and are very speedy. They are less stable but are highly maneuverable. Short stubbed kayaks for weir play are also included with these kayaks. These kayaks are designed for one person and the main purpose for these kayaks is to provide recreational facility for the adventurous people on the fast flowing rivers or creeks. 

Sea kayaks
These kayaks are longer and are accompanied with a thin beam. They are designed especially for one or two people for paddling on open water. These kayaks have plenty of storage area for any accessories.

Surf kayaks
Surf kayak is a smaller kind of kayak with a lot of rocker to the bow. These kayaks are generally made from a variety of plastics ranging from tough to delicate. These surf kayaks can be divided into two types. They are high performance and international class kayaks. The international class kayaks are three meters long. The wave ski and the surf ski are the derivatives of the surf kayaks. These kayaks do not have storage area and they are designed more for recreational surfing. 

Fishing kayaks
Fishing is one of the most important recreational activities for the less sporty individuals on kayaks. The fishing kayak has gained much popularity with variations made in designs to suit the needs of the people. Twin hull or outrigger is accompanied with these kayaks to increase the stability allowing you to stand stable while fishing. 
An in-depth knowledge about the various kayak categories will help you in choosing the kayak most suitable for your purpose.

Recreational kayaks
These are made to track well and trun easily. Usually short to moderate length (9-14 feet), wide, very stable.

Touring kayaks
These may be equipped with a rudder or skeg for more control. Usually 12-15 feet in length and moderate width, with ample storage space, Designed for efficient travel.

Sit-on-top kayaks
As the name suggest you sit on top instead of inside. These provide a very stable platform and are excellent for fishing.

Folding kayaks
Folding kayaks are great because they take little room. They can easily be transported and stored, so there is no need for roof racks or trailers. Some people worry that a kayak that folds might cause problems, but they are made to be sturdy in the water.

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