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Kayaks For Kids

Choosing the right kayak for your child.

While many people start out just letting a child ride with them in a tandem kayak there comes a time when they will want their own. Kayaking with your kids can be a very rewarding experience. It is best to start them out with calm water. Lakes and slow rivers are a great place to develop their kayaking skills.

Many people have their child take lessons before they get their first kayak. If you are already kayaking with them, you can just teach your child paddling skills yourself.

A good choice for a kid's kayak is the sit on top type.

Sit on top kayaks are easy to use and fairly stable. All kayaks are safe but these are easy to get on and off of, and do not take as much skill as other kayaks making them perfect kayaks for kids. With other kayaks if the kayak flips you must be able to right the kayak. With sit on top. your child can easily climb on top. One of the most important considerations is the size. You don't want a small child to try and maneuver a full sized kayak made for an adult. 

Just like other kayaks fiberglass, plastic and inflatable materials are common. Because inflatable kayaks are hard to capsize they make a good choice. These are also easy to store and transport.

Some manufactures that make kayaks for kids are Ocean, Native, Perception, Sevylor inflatable and Lifetime.

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