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For years upon years now Kayaks have generally retained the same design as they had when firsthobie mirage kayak invented, being very light, agile and nimble boats that are perfect for one person. While it is true that the saying "If it isn't broken don't fix it" holds a lot of weight in various aspects of life, it seems that when it comes to kayaks it was disregarded for a good reason: to give way to kayaks with pedals, designed to be used without a paddle.

There are still relatively few models in this niche to choose from; with the Hobie Mirage design being the most preferred one by many. How does the design work? Well, as you can imagine kayaks with pedals have two pedals, one for each leg. Each one of those pedals is connected to underwater fins, which look somewhat like penguin flippers. While the design is quite simplistic in its nature, it actually allows the user to freely maneuver their kayak with great ease, not only being able to choose the direction easily but also having a large amount of control over the kayak's speed. The system itself is referred to as the Mirage Drive, and for a few reasons it has actually become quite revolutionary.

To start things off, seeing as how you only need your legs in order to control the kayak your hands become free, leaving you to enjoy fishing even if you find that you have to move the kayak. Apart from giving you the ability to have the fishing pole in your hands throughout the whole experience, kayaks with pedals also provide an excellent way to stalk fish and get close to them without a disturbance. In addition to that, kayaks with pedals such as the Hobie Mirage are extremely durable, not to mention being very eco-friendly.

Apart from being used to catch fish, these kayaks with pedals have become extremely popular in various senior centers, as they are an excellent way for older people to get their daily exercise through a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. It is estimated that as these kayaks become more and more popular people are going to find a wider range of uses for them.

What are your choices when it comes to making a selection from the available Hobie Mirage kayaks with pedals? Well, first of all you should decide as to whether you want a solo or tandem model, as both are widely available. The average length of those kayaks is somewhere in between 10 and 16 inches while their weight can fluctuate between 45 and 70 pounds. Of course, this all depends on the model you choose, which in turn depends on what you are going to be using the kayak for. Also, it should be noted that quite recently Hobie Mirage has released a new kayak with pedals, with one major difference: it is inflatable.

All in all, kayaks with pedals are a great way to prey on fish in an environmentally friendly way, in addition to which they are also good for light exercises and complete relaxation.  The Hobie Mirage line up will most certainly find have a kayak to fit your taste.

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