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Sevylor is a manufacturer of several types of inflatable water craft and recreational products. Thesevylor inflatable pointer kayak Sevylor K1 Pointer is a single person touring kayak that is, like the other Sevylor products, inflatable. The Pointer K1 has significantly more storage pace than other inflatable kayaks even though it has a pointed bow.

The design of the bow and stern enable the Pointer K1 to handle the toughest whitewater conditions. The Sevylor Kayak Pointer K1 is constructed from a proprietary material that has strong polyester with a double laminated PVC shell. This design allows Sevylor products to perform in an outstanding manner for many years.

Special features of the Sevylor Kayak Pointer K1, include a bungee lacing, for fastening and holding deck cargo, a rear hatch with cover for more cargo storage and four special tie downs that can hold more camping equipment, or tie down an extra paddle. There is also whitewater spray protective cover that has an apron. The Pointer K1 also has a large seat which is specially padded. An ample backrest is also provided.

There are portage handles on the front and rear to make lifting or carrying the Pointer K1 easier than most inflatable water craft. The Pointer K1 also has a special water bottle holder, 1 jumbo valve and two Boston valves, all provided to control inflation levels, whether on-land or in the water.

The Sevylor Kayak Pointer K1 is 10 feet long and 2 feet 8 inches wide. It weighs 28 pounds, without the one person the boat that can ride in the boat. The total capacity of the inflated kayak, with one person and all cargo, is 300 pounds. No person over 175 pounds should use an inflatable kayak because in shallow water any inflatable kayak will bottom out. For people lighter than 175 pounds this is a great inflatable.

This Sevylor kayak is an especially good kayak for children that spend a lot of time on lakes and rivers in the summer months. As with most other inflatable watercraft, staying dry is not guaranteed. If you want a kayak for touring, this is a great deal. If you are looking for speed, then you should not get an inflatable water craft unless it is powered.

The features customers like the most on the Pointer K1 are the pointed blow and stern, which are especially designed and tested for superior whitewater performance. Another real plus is the flat bottom construction. These are the features that make this a great distance touring vessel. Customer reviews praise the manner in which the Pointer K1 tracks in the water.

Sevylor is an unusual company from Paris France. Soon after World War II Sevylor manufactured some new types of production equipment that could construct revolutionary fabric made of poly vinyl chloride, known today as PVC. The first customers of Sevy were American, who used the material for swimming pool products. Sevy learned the technique required to use the material from that American customer.

Over the years, using various forms of this new material, Sevy produced a range of products that were very popular in Europe. Eventually, they were making swimming pool recreational equipment for everyone to have fun with. Now, Sevylore specializes in high quality recreational inflatable equipment.

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